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We’re a unique collection of designers, makers, builders, DIYers – call us what you will, but we like MAKING stuff.

We set up Artisans Workshop to act as a reliable source of inspirations, ideas, raw materials and ingredients to like-minded people all over the world.

We hope our collections and products inspire you too!




Big Box hardware stores won’t stock slow-selling items any more. So we’re your #1 source for those hard-to-get items.

Plus we carry all the popular sizes of hardware too – and at real value-for-money prices!


Good tools are a pre-requisite for doing a great job, so we’ve assembled a truly inspiring collection of hand and power tools from around the world. 

From exquisitely-made hand tools from Japan to miniature CNC-controlled lathes from Germany, you’ll be amazed at the choice.


Whether you want to paint a wall or paint a picture, we have a huge range of speciality paint for every craft activity – including just re-decorating the spare bedroom!

You name the shade and we can mix it to order; we can match any commercially available paint colour and also supply Pantone®  and RAL colours in many varieties of decorative interior and exterior paints.


We’re adding more supplies for more crafts and hobbies all the time. 

If we don’t have it yet for your particular passion, let us know!

Inspiration Starts Here

Take a look at some of the projects completed by our Maker Community. (And we give free store vouchers for people’s work that we feature here, so let us see yours!)

Vase by Fred Dutton

Tools as Still Life

More spray tins than you need

Washed up? Probably not

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We’re expanding our library of how-to videos and inspiring & creative photo-stories. Help fellow Artisans and get paid too!  


Latest Posts from our Blog

Our regular bloggers cover subjects as diverse as knitting and sewing to military model-making and watch-repairing.

Artisans Workshop has  the know-how, the tools and the supplies to help with your personal passion! Become part of the community and contribute yourself!

A wonderful way to paint

A wonderful way to paint

  Here they are - the ultimate paint rollers.  Made from pure Andalucian alpaca, these quality rollers are guaranteed to give you the best finish imaginable - and will last for years too!  Check out more in our PAINT SECTION.

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An alarming tale

An alarming tale

Everyone needs a burglar alarm - right?  Certainly - especially when it's wind-powered. Designed for the most eco-friendly person on the planet, these alarms use hot air from the Daily Express and Daily Mail to power their circuits. And according to Reg Esponse, MD of...

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Hand-made nuts and bolts

Hand-made nuts and bolts

Although these nuts and bolts may seem run-of-the-mills, they're anything but!  Individually hand-made from precious metals, artisan Fred Scuttle-Boreman makes individual nut and bolt sets for suits of armour and ornate candelabras - in  materials that match the...

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