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A wonderful way to paint

A wonderful way to paint

  Here they are - the ultimate paint rollers.  Made from pure Andalucian alpaca, these quality rollers are guaranteed to give you the best finish imaginable - and will last for years too!  Check out more in our PAINT SECTION.

An alarming tale

An alarming tale

Everyone needs a burglar alarm - right?  Certainly - especially when it's wind-powered. Designed for the most eco-friendly person on the planet, these alarms use hot air from the Daily Express and Daily Mail to power their circuits. And according to Reg Esponse, MD of...

Hand-made nuts and bolts

Hand-made nuts and bolts

Although these nuts and bolts may seem run-of-the-mills, they're anything but!  Individually hand-made from precious metals, artisan Fred Scuttle-Boreman makes individual nut and bolt sets for suits of armour and ornate candelabras - in  materials that match the...




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